SPAWN is a high energy brass fuelled Ska Punk band from the Netherlands, keeping the beat rocksteady and the upstrokes a-skankin’. In October 2016, SPAWN released “Dance of the Lunatics”.

With their third album, they’ve definitely found the groove and locked it down. “Dance of the Lunatics” is a huge, bouncing, sweaty dance machine perched on 14 legs and having the time of its life.

– Louder Than War

Since releasing “Dance of the Lunatics”, SPAWN have featured on many Dutch, English and American radio shows. “This is so much fun. You’re gonna love this. Mega riffs, Killer beats and some serious funk. Fuuuunk!” [Soundsphere magazine, 2016]

The new album opened new doors and the ‘Dance of the Lunatics Tour’ has energized many clubs, pubs and festivals.

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    What am I?
    You are a lunatic
    What about you guys?
    We are the lunatics
    Together we should
    Raise our fist
    What do I want
    You want us all to move
    What about you guys
    We will turn up the groove
    Together we will
    Blow off the roof!
    Lunatics are taking over
    Life as it used to be
    Lunatics are taking over
    That’s for sure, we guarantee
    Lunatics are taking over
    I am a lunatic
    The world will be a better place
    for all of us, for all of us
    Have taken over!
    Have taken over!
    What do I need
    You need to be on stage
    What about you guys?
    We’re on the same page
    And now we’re gonna
    Rock this place!


  • More than 335.000 streams on Spotify
  • Lunatics added to Spotify editorial playlist ‘Skatepark Punks’ in 2018
  • Dance of the Lunatics released on vinyl by American record label and platform Feedbands
  • International media coverage on radio, blogs and other media outlets.

Spotify streams


Since 2015

SPAWN was formed in 2001 as a punk trio. Adding a trumpet player in 2002 and a saxophone player in 2004, at that time the band switched to playing ska music with a punky twist. “SPAWNTANEOUS” was released in 2005 (album of the month at the National Pop Institute). Their music video “Spam” was broadcast by MTV Networks for several weeks, earning the band national exposure. “HOSDROPLOS” was released in 2008, gaining access to major Dutch venues like Paradiso and Zwarte Cross Festival. ​

Having played hundreds of shows, SPAWN know how to get the party started and going. They have been around for more than 15 years and “Dance of the Lunatics” proofs that they are far from done!

Band members

Roel Wensink (vocals / guitar)
Paul Heijnen (drums)
David van Lochem (bass)
Jaap Bulsink (keys)
Erik Rhebergen (trumpet)
Derk Wikkerink (saxophone)
Wout Kobes (trombone)




Dance of the Lunatics is a huge, bouncing, sweaty dance machine perched on 14 legs and having the time of its life. That’s what ska is all about of course. It’s music for the feet and for the soul and they do it really well.

Louder Than War (UK)

This is so much fun. You’re gonna love this. Mega riffs. Killer beats, and some serious funk. Fuuuunk!

Soundsphere Magazine (UK)

I love their brand of brass fuelled ska-punk and their material is proper feel-good stuff! There’s a good dose of harpsichord styled keyboards in there too!